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Australian International Education Consortium (AIECG)

Yaoli Wang

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Australian International Education Consortium (AIECG) provides a unique pathway to school-aged students to enrol in selected Australian schools steeped in history, tradition and educational excellence. With our 30 years professional experience in the international education industry, we offer students a seamless pathway from English language study at one of our partner English language colleges into one of our partner schools in Australia. Our partner schools include: 

Boys schools:

  • St Joseph's Nudgee College,  (boarding) founded in 1891
  • St Laurence’s College, founded in 1915
  • Ipswich Grammar School, (boarding) founded in 1863
  • The Southport School, (Boarding, Gold Coast founded in 1901
  • Christian Brothers’ College (Melbourne) founded in 1878

Girls schools

  • Lourdes Hill College: founded in 1916
  • Stuartholme School, (boarding) founded in 1920
  • St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School, founded in 1929
  • St Hilda’s School, Gold Coast (boarding)founded in 1912
  • PCW Melbourne founded in 1873

Boys and Girls Schools:

  • West Moreton Anglican College, founded in 1994
  • Trinity Lutheran College, Gold Coast (Gold Coast) founded in 1981
  • Thomas More College, founded in 1974
  • Southern Cross Catholic College, founded in 1995 (history back to 1925)
  • St James College, founded in 1868
  • Canterbury College, founded in 1987

AIECG is also an official global representative for Education Queensland International Government schools (70 schools in QLD including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Cairns) 

Our partner ELICOS colleges include: Griffith English Language Institute (GELI) in the Brisbane, and Hawthorn Melbourne, we also use Browns and Holmes College in Melbourne for under 14 students. In other words, AIECG acts like your central application processing and student support centre in Australia for entry into any of our partner ELICOS colleges and schools. We do everything for you including:

  • Application assessment
  • Offer letters
  • COEs
  • Airport pick-up
  • Homestay coordination
  • Outstanding Student support
  • Ongoing communication with students, parents, agents and schools
  • Quick Agent commissions


  • Our partnership model gives you an option of selecting from 16 leading private schools in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne
  • We have selected schools with a great tradition, history and academic excellence established since 1861
  • We offer you a choice of girls schools, boys schools or boys and girls schools
  • You can select from day schools or boarding schools
  • We remain your single point of contact for enrolment in any of our prestigious partner schools and ELICOS colleges, so you don’t need to contact different schools
  • We are available 24/7 to help with your enquiries. You can contact us anytime
  • AIECG offers outstanding student support. We will be an additional support for your student in Australia
  • We have highly qualified directors and staff with over 30 years experience in education
  • We offer you amazing service standards- presumably the best in the industry
  • AIECG is Australia’s unique school-sector international student enrolment centre that looks after you and your student from the time of application, offer, COE, airport pick up, homestay, ELICOS, transfer to school, commissions and outstanding support to students/ parents and you throughout the students’ enrolment.
Tuition costs
  • St Laurence’s College, tuition fee $21600 (year 7-12)
  • Ipswich Grammar School,tuition fee $28940-$33950; (year 7-12)
  • Christian Brothers’ College (Melbourne), tuition fee: $24740 (year 7-12)
  • St Joseph's Nudgee College, tuition fee $28250, Boarding fee: $21420 (year 5-12)
  • The Southport School, (Boarding, Gold Coast) founded in 1901, tuition fee $30654-31726, boarding fee: $22416
  • Lourdes Hill College, tuition fee tuition fee $21240-$21435 (year 10-12)
  • Stuartholme School, tuition fee :$33748-$34072 (year 7-12) boarding fee: $21611
  • St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School, tuition fee $30710(year 7 –year 10)
  • St Hilda’s School, tuition fee $22213-31459(Year 1-12) boarding fee $19530-20148,  from year 6
  • PCW Melbourne, tuition fee $23500/year
  • West Moreton Anglican College,  tuition fee $22650
  • Trinity Lutheran College, Gold Coast  tuition fee: $$16698--$20570 (year 6 to 12)
  • St Thomas More College, tuition fee $19600-19900 (year 7-12)
  • Southern Cross Catholic College, tuition fee $22052-22870 (year 7-12)
  • St James College, tuition fee $21000 (year 7-12)
  • Canterbury College, tuition fee $19802-20698 (Prep-year 12)


  • Ipswich Grammar School: boarding fee: $18950
  • St Joseph's Nudgee College, Boarding fee: $21420 (year 5-12)
  • The Southport School, (Gold Coast) boarding fee: $22416
  • Stuartholme School: boarding fee: $21611
  • St Hilda’s School, Gold Coast (boarding): boarding fee ($19530-20148  from year 6)
  • The rest Brisbane schools are homestay: about $7455 per semester
School type Private
Type of programs Long-term programs (study for 1 year or more), Short-term programs (study for 3-6-9 month), HSP program, school program package offer
Years of entry for international students with parents : From : Kindergarten
To : Year 12
Years of entry for international students without parents : From : Year 7
To : Year 12
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